Rise up, Work and Expand with Us


Franchise Opportunities
Capital Expenditure ($US) 
Unit turnkey design and installation 15,300 
P.O.S System license and hardware 2,700 
Sub – Total 18,000 
Franchise Fee 10,000 
Pre – Opening expenses 8,500 
Total Start Up Costs 36,500 
The Franchise Term: 5 Years 
Management Service Fee: 10% 
Regional Marketing Contribution: 2%
Prices are Negotiable. 
*Please note that these prices are for the GCC only. Please contact us for prices for outside of the GCC.
Unlike other projects that require large space and high rent, setting up a henna salon required only the minimum of 4 square meters! In addition you will benefit from our expertise in selecting the right location and negotiating the best leasing 
Comprehensive services for Our Partner
"Heritage for Henna" provides its franchise partners with a full range of support services that will enable them to manage their projects with a high level of efficiency and profitability.
This includes the location selection, rental negotiations and installation of decor. At the same time, staff will be selected and trained to ensure that they meet "Heritage for Henna's" high creative and professional standards. Partners are also provided with all the necessary materials and tools including henna mixtures prepared on our farms, as well as the equipment needed to care for and apply the henna.
"Heritage for Henna" will also provide uniforms to employees, which help to create the distinctive "Heritage for Henna" ambiance. All this expertise is then backed by a marketing and promotional campaign to attract customers and spread awareness. Naturally partners will benefit from "Heritage for Hennas" growing reputation as an international trademark and all locations and details will also be featured on their website.
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