Henna Material

Only the purest ingredients

“Always fresh, always natural ,always pure.” These words describe the highest quality ingrediebts skillfully and carefully prepared by heritage for henna and is one of the main reasons for it becoming the leading global company in contemporary use of the product . to maintain quality, Heritage for henna set up its own farms in carefully selected regions ,where top quality henna shrubs are cultivated . in addition, considerable investment has been made to select and train only the most talented henna artists. The combination of providing a professional service coupled with elegance and fashion has been the core of is success.


Painless and temporary

Henna has been described as a “ pain less and regret-free tattoo “ . However, it is not a tattoo. The main difference is that henna decorations are applied on outer skin , as opposed to a permanent  tattoo which penetrates the surface with needles using  chemical dyes. Using just a soft past made from natural ingredients, the unique patterns leave a rich reddish brown color determined by the type of henna leaves and herb added of the mixture. Unlike a tattoo which lasts lifetime and are very difficult to remove, henna decoration is not permanent, lasting just a few weeks , after which the  gradually fades away. Henna can be also be used safely and effectively all over the body.


Classical and contemporary designs

Heritage for henna provides a wide variety of drawings with traditional, classical, contemporary and modern designed, for women and men alike! Whatever the style may be they all share one thing : Aesthetic value. Designed by our talent artists, who are highly trained to focus on the formations of human body and nature of henna paste. The results are stunning living works of art only achieved by heritage for henna’s dedication to perfectionism and professionalism. At the start of the henna decoration Session, the henna specialist shows the customer a booklet, including all available patterns divided in to them. Once they have made a selection, their design will be unique as they are.