History for Henna

History of Henna

Henna is well known in the Middle East and Asia. It is a dye extracted from natural and originally used by women on special occasions such as weddings. Henna is also widely used by men to dye their hair and beards however, in the western world henna remained a hidden secret for the majority of people until the end of the last century. There recently, henna gained popularity when a famous pop star appeared in a video clip with henna decoration on her body. Heritage for henna saffron gives a richer colour for use on the skin or hair.


Perfected over thousands of years

Henna was one of the first beauty products ever developed, with its rich colored dyes used in baby painting across the Middle East and Asia for thousands of years. This ancient art from has been perfected by heritage for henna and developed into a skilled craft, preserving designs and decoration passed down through generations. Today the stunning variety of patterns has become very popular with both woman and men of all nationalities. With such wide appeal, it has fast become profitable business opportunity .Its reputation, respect and range, has created considerable interest with those seeking to establish salons in other parts of the world for a relatively modest capital outlay.