About us

A heritage worth safeguarding

“Heritage for henna” was established by Mrs. Fathiya Ahmed, an artist from United Arab Emirates. Like many young women of the Middle East and Asia, she know of henna’s qualities as a cosmetic ingredient. However, she had the vision to view henna as a human heritage worth safeguarding. During the course of her studies, she carried out extensive research on its origins and traveled widely  to document  details of this fascinating art. In addition, Mrs. Fathiya recognized that there was potential for the use of henna worldwide and set out to package this are into a lucrative business opportunity . In support of this objective, she developed contemporary designs to also ensure acceptance among new generations and establish henna decoration as modern global art.


Exclusive to Heritage for Henna

A visit to Heritage for henna could not be easier .customers need only to choose the desired design, then sit back and relax. The henna paste is then prepared using special methods and applied with tools exclusively made for heritage for henna. With no preparation, no pain and problem, no wonder it gained international recognition and acceptance! Heritage for henna environments come in three distinctive models. The traditional Bedouin tent, outdoor gazebo and Majlis. In the Bedouin tents or khaimeh and gazebo, the henna decorations are limited to hands, feet, shoulders and face, which normally attract those trying it for the first time. The Majlis salon offers total privacy for customers, where more complex patterns can be applied to various parts of the body.


Heritage for Henna - acolorful success

 “Heritage for Henna”  started in one small khaimeh in Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It was a huge success with foreign visitors and confirmed Mrs. Fathiya’s belief that henna decoration has a massive market outside of this region. Sponsored by the Dubai-based Mohammed bin Rashid for Young Business Leaders, her dream became reality.Established in 2002, Heritage for Henna has grown rapidly, with twenty eight henna majalis now located in some of most stylish locations throughout the Emirates. This amazing accomplishment confirms the commercial viability of Heritage for Henna's unique approach. By rejuvenating this heritage art and marketing it in a modern way has opened the doors to expand globally, with partners who share our ambitious vision.